I’ve heard people talking about Wellness Plans. What is a Wellness Plan?

A Wellness Plan is an more affordable way for you to provide preventative healthcare for your pet. At Markdale Veterinary Services we believe in proactive, preventative healthcare that can improve the length and quality of your pet’s life. Wellness Plans have been carefully created to include the services that we recommend for your pet including:
– Annual physical examination
– All your pet’s vaccinations
– Annual blood testing
– Flea, tick & heartworm protection
– Deworming and in-clinic stool test to screen for internal parasites
– Nail trim
– 3 complimentary appointments during regular office hours
– An individualized nutritional consultation which includes a complimentary bag of the diet
– For puppies & kittens: spaying or neutering
– For seniors: urine testing
– Pet insurance trial for healthy pets under the age of four
– The option to finance your pet’s dental care